SI Acoustic provides professional acoustic measurement, acoustic analysing, acoustic consultation and acoustic engineering proposal by our personnel who are expert and have experience in the field of acoustic. We use tools including sound level meters and dosimeter along with the software in order to carry our jobs efficiently.

noise monitoring

Noise Exposure Regulation 2019 in Regulation 3 stated that it is employer duties whether his employee may be exposed to excessive noise in the workplace.

As contained in Regulation 6, no employee shall be exposed to daily noise level exceeding 85dB(A) or daily personal
noise dose exceeding hundred per cent; the maximum sound pressure level exceeding 115dB(A) at any time; or the peak sound pressure level exceeding 140dB(C).

SI Noise monitoring will be conducted by using our latest equipment which are Sound Level Meter (SLM) for workplace or environment and Dosimeter for direct noise exposure to employee.

Noise Control Study

Regulation 4 of Noise Exposure Regulation 2019 stated employee to appoint a noise risk assessor to carry out Noise Risk Assessment if his employees may be exposed to excessive noise and then it need to be reviewed not more than 5 years from the date of the previous noise risk assessment.

Upon completion of the Noise Risk Assessment, our noise risk assessor will prepared a report and submit the report to the employer which include all the finding and recommendation needed.

DOSH Compliance

Our service cover of internal room ambient, document preparation and submission to DOSH for approval. The applied room for audiometric test should comply with the noise level as stated by the DOSH.

Audiometric testing should be conducted annually as per mentioned in the Industry Code Of Practice (ICOP) For Management of Occupational Noise Exposure and Hearing Conservation 2019.


DOE Compliance

Prior to installation of generator set, owner need to submit set of documentations together with written notification under Regulation 5 of Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulation 2014. We can work on behalf of the owner to prepare the documents that include PE stamping drawings, calculations and catalogues. Our experience know how to make all the process go smoothly.

To Promote A World Without Noise

To ensure all tasks assigned are able to assist the acoustic and noise problem in our country throughout our expertise